My Wakeboard story

I learned to wakeboard during many family trips to Lake Powell.  We plan a couple week long trips every summer and it’s a blast!  I first learned to wakeboard on a skurfer and now enjoy a CWB board that my family uses when we go.  I never get enough of boarding and I usually need to be kicked out of the lake by either other people wanting to board/ski/tube or bad weather.  I would definitely love to go more if possible.  Boarding is one of my favorite things to do at the lake with tubing as a close second.  When I was about 15 or 16, I played the part of the guinea pig while my siblings learned to drive the boat with a skier.  During this time I had hours to practice the basics.  Thanks to that, a couple years later when we went to Powell again, I had explosive growth.  I went from having teeny-tiny jumps that were a foot or less off the wake to having several feet each time along with getting more comfortable riding the board goofy (with the opposite foot forward) all in one summer.  Since then, my skills have not improved much as we haven’t been able to go to the lake as much but this year I am hoping to make some significant leaps once again.

This site has several helpful tips of things that I have learned on my own, from asking others more skilled than myself and by some research.  My first experience with a tips beyond that of my family was a VCR tape my cousins had put out by Sean Murray.  If you are thinking or purchasing any how-to or help guides, go with his.  I definitely recommend his teaching videos as he is not only entertain and just plain amazing. A close second I have found is The Book by The Wakeboard Camp.

I am excited to pass along some of the tips and quirks I have learned to those beyond my circle of friends as well as learn along with you as we move along and grow.  I hope you enjoy the information and that this will help you as you learn to wakeboard as well! Have fun!